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-====== Getting started ====== 
-Here is the simplest flow to setup your first project in tracks. 
-  - create a season 
-  - create a competition 
-  - create some rounds 
-  - create some sub-round types (and assign points) 
-  - create some individuals 
-  - create a project 
-  - select the created project 
-  - from project menu, update the settings 
-  - from project menu, add participants 
-  - from project menu add some rounds 
-  - add sub rounds to the created project rounds 
-  - enter results in the subrounds 
-And create menu items to display on Joomla the front side. 
-====== Administration ====== 
-===== Main menu ===== 
-{{:​mainmenu.png|Main menu}} 
-this menu allows you to setup and create projects and objects to be used in the projects 
-==== Projects ==== 
-A project is associated to a season, and a competition. This is tracks main object. 
-From the projects list, once you have created a project, you can select it to access the project submenu. 
-==== Competitions ==== 
-Here you can setup the different competitions to be used with projects. E.g: Formula 1, WRC, Nascar, your local roller skating race league... 
-==== Seasons ==== 
-Here you can setup seasons. E.g: 2008, autumn 2009, etc... 
-[[http://​​football-betting-online/​|football betting online]] 
-==== Teams ==== 
-Here you can create teams that will be used in the projects. It is not mandatory to use teams in projects though, only individuals are 
-==== Individuals ==== 
-Here you can setup the individuals (pilots, riders, ...) that will be used in the projects. 
-==== Rounds ==== 
-Here, you can setup the rounds (events) that the projects will be composed of. E.g, a formula 1 season is composed of 17 grand prix (races). ​ 
-A project without any round is pretty much useless. 
-==== Sub rounds types ==== 
-Each round can be divided in subrounds: qualifying session, race, etc..  
-It is there too that you setup the points attributed for the individuals according to their ranking. Leave the points attribution empty if it shouldn'​t attribute points (e.g. a training session) 
-==== About ==== 
-Well, notes about the project ! 
-===== Project menu ===== 
-{{:​project_menu.png|Project menu}} 
-This menu is available only once you have selected a project, from "​Projects"​ list page 
-==== Rounds ==== 
-{{:​projectrounds.png|Project rounds}} 
-Here, you can add rounds to the project, sort them, setup their subrounds, and enter the results of these subrounds. 
-=== sub-rounds === 
-{{:​projectsubrounds.png|Round sub-rounds}} 
-From this page, you can add/edit the subrounds of the currently selected round. 
-== sub round result == 
-{{:​subroundresults.png|Sub-round results}} 
-Use this page to enter the results of the subround. 
-==== Participants ==== 
-Here, you can add and edit individuals that are participating to the project. 
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