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Let me go out on a limb here and suggest that most users JomSocial integration needs would be satisfied by the following three items:

1. Link Drivers to JomSocial Account

2. Creation of a JomSocial Application to display individual’s results summary within their user profile. (Maybe a config to show last “X” number of results and/or best “X” number of results would be necessary also to keep the list manageable).

3. Integrate key JomSocial fields in the individuals profile view on Tracks profile, allow admin to select which fields to display on Tracks profile, eg.,:

  a. JomSocial Avatar (linked back to JomSocial profile)
  b. JomSocial Status
  c. Etc., etc.,

If individual does not have a JomSocial account then display default avatar and info as configured in Tracks.

At the very least a link back to their full JomSocial Profile link on individual name is required.

Things that would be very cool to have:

4. Allow groups to be selected as teams, members of those groups would automagically be assigned to that team within Tracks.

5. Integrate with JomSocial Points system

6. Display place getters of round/sub rounds in “activity stream”

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