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Getting started

Here is the simplest flow to setup your first project in tracks.

  1. create a season
  2. create a competition
  3. create some rounds
  4. create some sub-round types (and assign points)
  5. create some individuals
  6. create a project
  7. select the created project
  8. from project menu, update the settings
  9. from project menu, add participants
  10. from project menu add some rounds
  11. add sub rounds to the created project rounds
  12. enter results in the subrounds

And create menu items to display on Joomla the front side.


Main menu

this menu allows you to setup and create projects and objects to be used in the projects


A project is associated to a season, and a competition. This is tracks main object. From the projects list, once you have created a project, you can select it to access the project submenu.


Here you can setup the different competitions to be used with projects. E.g: Formula 1, WRC, Nascar, your local roller skating race league…


Here you can setup seasons. E.g: 2008, autumn 2009, etc…


Here you can create teams that will be used in the projects. It is not mandatory to use teams in projects though, only individuals are


Here you can setup the individuals (pilots, riders, …) that will be used in the projects.


Here, you can setup the rounds (events) that the projects will be composed of. E.g, a formula 1 season is composed of 17 grand prix (races). A project without any round is pretty much useless.

Sub rounds types

Each round can be divided in subrounds: qualifying session, race, etc..

It is there too that you setup the points attributed for the individuals according to their ranking. Leave the points attribution empty if it shouldn't attribute points (e.g. a training session)


Well, notes about the project !

Project menu

Project menu

This menu is available only once you have selected a project, from “Projects” list page


Project rounds

Here, you can add rounds to the project, sort them, setup their subrounds, and enter the results of these subrounds.


Round sub-rounds

From this page, you can add/edit the subrounds of the currently selected round.

sub round result

Sub-round results

Use this page to enter the results of the subround.


Here, you can add and edit individuals that are participating to the project.

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