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Hi, I am preparing the Tracks system for managing RC rallycross races. For the most of the time it's great, however I have some ideas that might be worth considering.

Short intro
In our races we have around 10 rounds per year. The drivers aren't obligated to take part in all races. We let participants decide if they want to take part in an upcoming round. A week before the round starts we open the registration. We close the registration usually two days before the round starts, it gives us the time to prepare for a given number of drivers. If I want to prepare the round in Tracks system I have to manually add every participant that want to take part in upcoming round.

That's why it will be great on our case to give a possibility for the users to join themselves.

My idea step by step
– admin creates a round and sets the „registration dates” choosing start date and end date,
– during that period registered user can open the round’s page and click button to join this round,
– user then is added to every event in this round,
– when joined, user can withdraw from participation by clicking a button on the round’s page,
– [optional] the list of registered participants is displayed on the given round’s page, but without the results, so others can see who is going to take part,

Right now users have to be added to the project as participants before they could be added to a particular round but in this case, when they join a round by themselves will be great to automatically assign them to the project that this round is in.

I think I explained it enough but if you have more questions I am happy to answer them. And if this request is a very complicated matter I will be willing to pay for that kind of addition.


PS. I am ui/ux designer so I have an experience in designing websites/apps. I can help in further development of the Tracks project because it’s very helpful!

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1 year 4 months ago #132 by julienV
Hi Kosin,

thanks for the detailled feedback.
It's indeed something that several people have requested, and i will implement it as a paid plugin as soon as i can...

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